The Parc is always a little quieter in the winter, but there is still lots of activity to make it worthwhile visiting.
Some of the elk and deer had lost their antlers, others not yet. For those without their antlers, some were starting to grow back in as seen with these two "mushroooms" on top of this male's head.
Three types of foxes were out to greet visitors. One of the red foxes was sunning itself by the main office, a silver fox (see video) was out for a few moments with the rocky mountain goats. 
The arctic foxes in their variations of "attire" were busy in their large enclosure.
The wild turkeys were struttin' their stuff.
A forlorn killdeer was looking for some open landscape, but all it saw was snow.  The calendar told it to migrate north, but the weather wasn't following the calendar.
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