Last year's elk calves have learned the front gate toll keeping role very well. Three will easily fit in a car window, four would work as well.

Some of the elk and deer still have last year's antlers. Their winter coat is looking quite "worn", the spots in the fur are ticks.
Some are growing their new antlers. At left is the first stage of the elk growth (picture from March) and on the right, the antlers, covered in velvet, are growing quickly.  
(I have no idea if that is the same elk, but it would be nice if it were.)
The first of likely many wild boar piglets had been born, some adults had found a convenient muddy spot for a bath.
(See video below for more piglet action)

The red fox seems to have a favourite spot in its enclosure, essentially the same spot as last month

The black wolves, which normally are lying around, were up and about. (Someone, against he rules, had thrown some food into their area.)

The blind arctic wolf was out enjoying the warm sunshine.

Worn paths through the snow are throughout the Parc. The female elk took to one to come and see if anyone was offering carrots.
Sure signs of spring are the cinnamon bears being out of their dens and frolicking. Plus the male turkeys are showing off their stuff.
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