The turkeys were the story in March at Mud Lake. While only three seemed to be around, from the 19 last summer, the three, all males, were getting "frisky" and scaring/chasing some visitors. Towards the end of the month the authorities attempted to re-locate the trio. I believe they were successful in re-locating one.
The video below was made the week before the relocation attempts were made. The trio did not seem to be perturbed that I was sitting in their path. 
(Hint: it was a different story in April, stay tuned....)
A good many ducks gathered at the entrance to the trail hoping for handouts. Squirrels were further back in on the trail also hoping for handouts.

A few shrubs were  starting to show bud growth in anticipation of spring.

The Ottawa River had risen and fallen in the winter with the many thaws we had. A good size ice shelf extended from the trunk of one tree.
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