The Milkhouse Farm and Dairy, near Smith Falls Ontario,  is a small (young) family run farm producing farmstead raw sheeps’ milk cheeses, grass-fed lamb, and all-natural wool products.
The farm started, in 2010 with 10 ewes, one ram and 2 llamas. They now have over 60 milk producing ewes and breed over 120 lambs each year. It is typical of ewes to produce twins or triplets, but quads and quints are not unheard of.

Archie, one of the two llamas, looks after the breeding/milking ewes. Llamas are natural born shepherds. They will, innately, challenge any dog, coyote or bear that comes near their flock.
This year's lambs are kept in separate areas, rams in one area and....
...ewes in another.
Rupert, the other llama, who took a more relaxed approach, was assigned the shepherding duties over those two adjacent areas.
During the winter the sheep hang out in a tarp barn.
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